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How to Keep Raccoons Out Of My Bird Feeder

How to Keep Raccoons Out Of My Bird Feeder

Majority of Ohio home owners always love to add bird feeder to their homes. This is mainly in a bid to add fluttering color of beauty to their Cincinnati homes with singing birds in their gardens. Nevertheless, raccoons can make bird feeders their main target. They can destroy your bird feeder and eat up the feeds you prepared or birds and also go ahead to destroy other things around your Ohio homes. That is why you need to learn how to protect your bird feeder so as to discourage raccoon from coming around your garden at night.

Make It Difficult For Raccoons to Access Bird Feeder
You can make bird feeder in your garden unattractive and accessible to raccoons. This you can do simply by keep it away from Ohio roof tops, trees and other possible means you know raccoons can follow to gain access to the feeder. More so, the underbrush grasses on the ground should be trimmed and the tall grasses cut to ensure that entire place where you keep bird feeder is completely neat and tidy. This is to ensure that raccoon find it difficult to hide while trying to gain access to bird feeder.

Make the Bird Feeder Pole Slippery and Smooth For Raccoon to Climb
Though raccoons are great climbers, the normally find it difficult to climb on smooth and slippery surfaces. For that reason, you can discourage them from gaining access to bird feeder by replacing bird feeder pole with slide PVC pipe or other forms of plastic pipes. You can easily find plastic pipes in hardware store on the internet or around your home. More so, you should not secure the pipe you purchased to the pole in order to get the result you want.

Mimic the Scent of Predator with Raccoon Repellent
Raccoon repellent comes in different kinds and forms including granular, powder and spray. You can get order deterrent of predator urine which will be highly offensive to raccoons making them unable to stay around your Cincinnati garden for any reason.

Remove the Bird Feeders at Night
The truth is that raccoons are nocturnal animals always active at night than in the broad day light. For reason, you can keep them out of your bird feeder by removing the feeder at night since birds do not move at night. Then, you can reposition the feeder during the day when raccoons are not likely to move around.

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